15 Wedding Secrets from the Pros to help you plan your wedding

  • BRAND YOURSELF: Have a logo designed with your initials and a stamp made. Use it for all the favors, bar signs, menus, gifts, sign boards, photo booth and table centers. The logo adds a personalized touch and adds great value to the all the arrangements made.
  • EDIBLE WEDDING FAVOURS: At weddings, destination or local, you cannot have the guests packing and bringing edibles for themselves. Always have a well-planned snack pack for each of the guests in their rooms. Also, have it restocked for the next couple of days of the wedding. This little gesture makes the stay comfortable for the guests.
  • HAVE MULTIPLE TRIALS: Surely you have tried your dresses for all the events when you bought them. But it is very important to try them all a day before all the events begin. This may give you an extra day to think through about any issue that comes up with the fit, coordination, styling and the final look you desire.
  • USE THE BEST LONG LASTING LIPSTICK: The entire makeup done stays through the event but the lipstick will wash out a bit. Choose the best long lasting lipstick and a rosy color to have perfect lips in all the photos.
  • THE EXTRA FOOTWEAR: Always have an extra pair of comfortable, worn, neutral footwear. You may fall in need for it at any time and in between the events it may prove to be very comforting.
  • STYLE YOUR LOOK BEFORE HAND: When you finalize your make up, hair style, color, make sure you also finalize the styling of your dress. How you would like to carry your dress during the ceremony should be thought of before to avoid any confusion and look spoilers.
  • HAVE A PLAN B: If you are getting married outdoors during a season that can see some showers, always have a plan B.
  • DON’T LET THE PARTY STOP: People always like to party more. So the best way to have a great wedding is to plan these party’s. You can also make them interesting by categorizing their music. E.g: For the morning saggan and haldi you can have Dhol. Similarly, for all other events you can choose English, Bollywood, Punjabi, and other types of music themes.
  • WHATSAPP GROUP: Have a group for all the guests to update them with the timings. A little message as “the lunch is served” can be very helpful for both the hosts and the guests to be in time for all ceremonies, high tea’s etc.
  • FRESH FLOWERS ALWAYS: Fresh flower installations are always the best choice. They make the venue and event lively. These can also be done as per the theme of your ceremonies.
  • KEEP YOUR JEWELLERY SHINNING: Always wear your jewellry last. Hair spray, perfume, make up, while wearing clothes there may be a chance to damage the jewellry. So it is best to wear it last.
  • KEEP THE PHONES AWAY: When you have hired a professional let them do the job. The bride and groom with phones in their hand are a big NO.
  • BRIDESMAID: Rightly put and much needed. Always have one person by your side throughout the wedding. Your go to person who can solve, help you with anything you may need.
  • PHOTO BOOTH: It is the best way to keep the guests busy in between rituals and other times when they have free time. Everyone dresses their best so the photo booth is a place of interest for all the couples and families.
  • THANK YOU NOTES: Always send thank you notes to the people who made it to your wedding. A simple note can mean a lot.

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