15 Outstanding Haldi Dresses for the Bride’s Sister Online in 2022

In this blog we will discuss the most beautifull outfits for bride’s sister to wear on Haldi function. Not only bride’s sister any girl can wear these dresses to look stunning on Haldi ceremony

Everyone loves wedding season, and this love is multiplied by a factor of 100 when the wedding is Indian, and by a factor of 1,000 when it is of our sister. When it comes to Indian weddings, the excitement of the pre-wedding festivities equals the holy Saath Pheras. Each event, including the tilak, Mehendi, and sangeet, has religious and cultural importance, notably the Haldi ceremony!

These days, the Haldi ceremony is very popular. It’s no longer just a few traditional tilaks, but an absolutely fun-filled party in which not only the bride and groom but also the guests, are painted and drenched.

So, after the bride, who do you think should be the life of the party in the Haldi ceremony? Obviously, you, the bride’s sister. So, to save your seat, you must show yourself in the best possible light, regardless of how much your dress and hair will be ruined in the end.

Let’s explore some of the most stunning haldi dress for bride’s sister.

15 Best Dresses For Haldi Function

1. Yellow Rajputi Poshak

Yellow Rajputi Poshak for haldi

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For a regal Rajasthani style, try on this beautiful Rajputi Poshak.

2. Floral Lehenga Choli

floral lehenga choli
Image source: Saree.com

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This floral lehenga is perfect as a haldi function dress for bride’s sister. You may also use it with flowery jewelry as a complementary accessory.

3. Jumpsuit

Jump suite for haldi
Image source: Nakhrali

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Throughout the occasion, you’ll be able to hop, play, and party in this haldi special yellow ethnic jumpsuit because of its comfiness.

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4. Pink Net Saree

Pink Net Saree

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While everyone else is wearing yellow-yellow, you’ll stand out in this pink net saree. An unusual & beautiful color for the Haldi dress for bride’s sister. Net sarees are also in trend.

5. Yello Gown For Haldi

Gown For Haldi
Image source: Kalki Fashion

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A perfect Haldi function dress for bride’s sister. With its gorgeous colorful mirror embroidery, the gown as a whole steals the spotlight.

 6. Angrakha Gown Set

Angrakha Gown Set
Image source: Wedmegood.com

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It took a long time to track down this one. This dress is a distinct shade of yellow that complements Haldi’s yellow theme while still standing out from the crowd.

7. Traditional Patola Saree

Traditional Patola Saree
Image source: Saree.com

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There is a wide variety of sarees on the market, but getting this one at such a low price is incredible. It is without a doubt the ideal saree as haldi dress for bride’s sister.

8. Patiala Suit For Haldi

 Patiala Suit For Haldi
Image source: Rana’s by Kshitija

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This one is especially for the Punjabis in the audience. The best Patiala, suit has made an appearance.

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9. Ivory Lehenga

Ivory Lehenga Dress For Haldi
Image source: Nakhrali

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This lovely ivory lehenga set with Lucknowi embroidery has some unique details. It features geometric and floral patterns, as well as a lovely cape-style dupatta.

10. Long Skirt and Kurti

Long Skirt and Kurti for haldi
Image source: Kalki Fashion

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You’ve probably grown tired of yellow by now, and so have we. Let’s add a little zing to the celebration with this lovely Haldi function dress for the bride’s sister.

11. Blue Lehenga for Haldi

Blue Lehenga for Haldi
Image source: Wedmegood.com

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Enough with the yellow, as we already stated. This gorgeous purple lehenga will make you the center of attention at any event.

12. Multicolor Lehenga

Multicolor Lehenga for Haldi Function
Image source: Saree.com

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Be it Haldi, Mehendi, or Sangeet, this multi-color lehenga is a perfect fit for any occasion.

13. Palazzo Suit

 Palazzo Suit for haldi function
Image source: Saree.com

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Take a look at what we discovered to liven up the Haldi ceremony. The sequined tunic top adds to the charm of this blue Palazzo set, which has a stunning skirt-like look.

14. Anarkali For Haldi

Anarkali For Haldi
Image source: Kalki Fashion

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Let us take you back to the yellow zone with this magnificent Anarkali Haldi dress for the bride’s sister before you start thinking about the yellow theme again.

15. Palazzo Drape For Haldi Function

Palazzo Drape For Haldi Function
Image source: Karigiri

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Last, but certainly not least. We found you an Indo-western dress to help you achieve your dream of having the best Haldi function dress for the bride’s sister.


What should I wear to my sister’s haldi?

The top 15 amazing Haldi outfits for the bride’s sister are listed below. Choose any of them and you’ll be the life of the party.

Is it necessary to wear yellow in Haldi?

No, it is not required to wear yellow during Haldi. In fact, we’ve spoken about a lot of dresses that aren’t yellow in this blog.

Can I wear red for the Haldi ceremony?

You can, of course, wear red for Haldi. For some extremely gorgeous red Rajputi Poshaks, go to Rana’s by Kshitija’s website.

Can a bride wear yellow?

It’s the big day for the bride. She is free to wear any color she desires.


We appreciate you taking the time to read till the end. We worked hard to provide the best possible products for you. We hope you liked our efforts and also that you chose your Haldi attire for your sister’s wedding from the alternatives provided above.

We’ll see you soon; until then, best wishes!

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