10 Latest Bridal Lehenga Designs For Wedding In 2024

Welcome aboard bride-to-be! We’re pretty sure your heart and soul must be fancying about the latest bridal lehenga designs that you can choose for your special day, right? Whether you’re going for a big fat Indian royal wedding or a close affair gathering at a beach, dressing up perfectly is mandatory.

Wedding is all about specific details, choosing the decor, aesthetics, theme, food, and most importantly the wedding attires, as you’ll be the center of attention for the whole crowd.

Becoming a bride is a fairy tale in itself and you sure don’t want to mess your look on this major event. Isn’t it?

In this post, we have listed the 10 latest lehenga designs for weddings to dress up like a royal bride. You can use even mix match some of these ideas to creatively live up to your wedding day inspiration.

10 New Bridal Lehenga Designs For Wedding

#1 Traditional Rajputi Poshak

Tell us a better elegant attire than a traditional Rajput poshak with Gota Patti work? We will wait! Rajputi Poshaks can up your ethnic game as they are elegant, stylish, and rich in tradition. You can definitely pick a Poshak for your wedding day or reception.

Poshaks are available in a myriad of stunning colors including Rani pink, royal blue, peacock blue, pastel green, yellow, saffron, and more. If you’re looking for the latest bridal lehenga designs, you can also shop the look at Ranas by Kshitij by going for Rajputi poshak with Assi kali ka lehenga designed in vibrant orange shade.

#2 Silk Lehenga with Gota Handwork

Are you a fan of intricate details embedded in your outfit? Well, here comes an inspiring idea to design your wedding look. The feature of a Gota Patti lehenga is its rich mix of shadings and brilliant applique work.

The traditional Gota work has been around for many decades and it is a famous specialty from the territory of Rajasthan. Little bits of zari or strips are woven onto the texture edges to make a shimmering appearance on the fabric.

#3 Traditional Red Lehenga

Picking a traditional red lehenga above anything can never go wrong! Many trends may have come and gone but a red-colored designer outfit is an evergreen, iconic symbol for a bride. The color red has its own significance as it indicates love, passion, courage, strength, and determination. In addition to this, the red color is considered auspicious in our tradition as well.

It is still the most popular choice of Dulhan lehenga design even in the modern era. A traditional red-colored designer attire is rich in itself and allows you to look stylish and vibrant on your special day. The old school choice for every bride, a red-colored attire is even adored by celebrities and is definitely going to top the charts in the coming years as well.

Quick Tip: Don’t forget to accessorize your wedding attire with traditional jewelry, matching your outfit’s detailed embroidery work to complete the look.

#4 Shades of Pink

Pastel pink, magenta pink, blush pink, be it anything, we simply cannot stop going gaga about mesmerizing shades of pink. One of the most favorite colors to design your bridal wear and look absolutely stunning on your special day, pink can literally add a touch of blush to your vibe. You can also contrast it in a variety of ways, pair it with a heavy dupatta or border to complement your ethnic appeal.

#5 Lehengas with Belt

Yes, you may have seen famous celebs rocking this new look! A belt can add a touch of “Modern” to the contemporary look and feel of your wedding outfit. A belt is worn around your waistline and it can either be in the same shade or contrasting color to your attire. This look initially came in trend after Anushka Sharma wore a stunning matching belt along with her bridal wear outfit.

#6 Velvet Fabrics

When hunting for the latest lehenga designs for weddings, you simply cannot miss outfits designed in velvet fabric. A velvet outfit looks rich, classy, and elegant and is a popular choice among famous designers including Sabyasachi, Manish Malhotra, Anita Dongre, and others.

#7 Gold Bridal Outfit

Do you like to buy outfits that are ongoing with trends? If yes, then we have one unique suggestion for you. A gold bridal outfit definitely deserves a place in our latest bridal lehenga designs post. Imagine yourself draped in shimmery, glittery gold attire on your special day?

A full golden-toned lehenga can make you the center of attention and will allow you to feel nothing but a celebrity at your wedding.

#8 Color Blocked Attires

Looking forward to breaking the stereotypes? Bored of the monochromatic color combinations? Well, color blocking is the way to go! Pick from a wide variety of vibrant colors, mix and match to design your custom bridal wear.

#9 Black Bridal Wear Outfit

For ages, we’ve heard people say that it is not wise to wear black on your wedding day? Right? But if you’re a gamechanger who is not willing to stick to ancient philosophy, picking a black-colored bridal outfit can make your look absolutely stunning on your wedding day! It definitely is one of the latest lehenga designs for weddings.

#10 Bridal Wear with a Cape

Yes, it is your special day and you don’t want to look anything less than a princess. Capes are the latest lehenga design for weddings for a rich, unique, and elegant look.


Which site is best for Lehenga?

If you’re looking for traditional bridal wear outfits with an intricate eye for detail, precision work by artisans, the designer outfits created while keeping upcoming fashion trends in mind, Rana’s By Kshitija can be your go-to shopping destination.

Which color is best for a bridal lehenga?

Red is the go-to choice for lehengas. But the millennial brides-to-be are also preferring other shades that include pastel color combinations, shades of pink, black, and others.

Which city is best for bridal lehenga?

Time to begin your bridal shopping is around the corner? Some of the best cities to carry your shopping spree include Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur, and Chandigarh to grab the most unique collection for your wedding day.

How much does Sabyasachi lehenga cost?

The starting range for a Sabyasachi wedding cost begins from around 4 Lakh INR. If you’re going for heavy work and embroidery, the prices may go up to 10-15 lakhs.

Here were the 10 latest bridal lehenga designs ideas that you can use to create the perfect wedding look. Which one is your favorite wedding look from our list? Feel free to share your ideas in the comments section!