Latest Saree Trends For 2022 – New Trending Sarees

Looking forward to knowing the latest saree trends of 2021? You’ve come to the right place! A Saree never tells you to fit it, in fact, it makes you stand out. Someone has quoted it right, isn’t it? Sari is the epitome of sheer elegance! It is one of the most common yet popular attires worn across the country. Whether as a regular-day outfit or occasion or in the name of tradition, a sari fits well in every setup.

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The existence of Saree in our culture goes down to more than 5000 long years in the timeline. Did you it is the oldest form of garment that is still in existence? A Sari happens to be the go-to choice of attire as it represents our culture, elegance, and traditional values. They are worn by women across the whole nation, and even abroad. Love it or hate it, but it is still the first choice of outfit that outperforms the western taste of society. In fact, it is the most contemporary and versatile piece of garment that can be worn and styled in numerous ways.

Why is Saree so Popular in India?

The importance of a Saree in the Indian culture is quite crucial. Everyday life to auspicious occasions, every event is incomplete without this 9-yeards long elegant garment. Well, not just in our country but even the foreigners and tourists are gaga about the Sari and they love to drape it, the first chance they get. And why not? Name a better attire that makes you look stylish, elegant, and chic at the same time?

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A wide variety of invigorating choices are available for the Sari buffs! All thanks to the precise craftsmanship and imaginative artfulness showed by talented artisans who design this beautiful creation. It is typically worn with a pullover (aka blouse) covering the upper part of the body. And the lower part is known as a “Petticoat” that is used for keeping the crease of the Sari intact. All the folds of the sari are tucked inside the Petticoat so that you can move and walk freely. They have gone under the worldwide impact in the current occasions because of their interest all over the globe.

Through Centuries and Centuries…

Even in our ancient times and mythological history, Sari holds a concrete significance. Along the passage of time, a Sari has evolved from centuries to centuries and is still popular amongst the millennials. As new saree trends have evolved, Women in their early 20s in today’s age are intrigued about this 5.5-meter long garment and just love to experiment with its various styles. In fact, the word saree has derived its name from the Prakrit word “Sattika”.

It is even considered sacred and is worn on various occasions like Diwali, Karwa Chauth, weddings, and other auspicious days that are known for their traditional value. The latest saree trends may come and go but over the years and years, India has still managed to keep the spirit of culture and tradition alive.

5 Latest Trends in Saris that You Can Follow to Look Stylish & Chic

From a classic border style to floral prints to a silk masterpiece, be it anything, here are the new trending sarees in 2021.

Thin Borders

thin border saree
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Well, guess it’s time to say goodbye to thick and heavy borders. 2021 is all about being minimalistic! Don’t you agree? Popular fashion designers including Manish Malhotra, Shyamal, and Suneet Verma recently showcased their current work where most models and celebs were styled with saris with thin borders. So, if you’re someone who follows trends too closely and if you’re looking for new ideas to revamp your wardrobe, get a new collection of saris with thin borders in zari work, mirror work, embroidery, or anything that suits your style statement.

Double Fabric

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Fusing between a combination of fabrics sounds like a creative experiment isn’t it? Well, believe it or not, but it definitely belongs to the must-try new saree trends. Many famous designers are now using double fabrics to create a unique-looking piece of garment. Like you pair satin or georgette with net, velvet, or any other fabric to wear something exceptional.

Pastel Silk Saris

pastel silk saree
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Silk Saris are considered to be one of the most evergreen Sari patterns for Indian ladies of all ages. The luxurious, smooth touch on the silk is good enough to leave a lasting impression on the crowd. As per the latest saree trends in 2021, pastel-colored silk sarees are getting quite popular among women. Also, they are ideal for women of all skin tones, body types and can match your style statement no matter where you decide to wear them.

Concept Saris

concept sarees
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This season we are seeing a massive variety of pleatless concept sarees combined with beautiful designer blouses. In making the creases or pleats of a sari isn’t really your thing, go with these very stylish pleatless concept sarees. These are instant sarees that you can put on in minutes, the stylish outline gives you an effortless look. They are not difficult to wear and surprisingly simpler to carry, as you don’t have to worry about handling the pallu or taking care of the falling pleats.

Multi-color Sarees

multi color sarees
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In the last 5 years, monochromatic color tones emerged like fire! But looks like the tables are going to turn in 2021. The new saree trends tell a different story! Looking for the best attire idea that keeps you cheerful all day long? Well, a multi-colored sari can be your go-to choice among new trending sarees 2021. You can either go for multi-colored blocks, waves, or any other patterns that give you a break from mundanity.

Here were the 5 latest trends in sarees that you can adopt to up your fashion game!


Which Colour saree is trending now?

Why choose one flower when you can have the whole garden to yourself? Rings a bell? Well, multi-colored saris are a thing of 2021. Beautiful shades are designed in a myriad of colors including candy red, pastel yellow, aqua blue, or probably anything that your heart desires.

How to Keep Updated with latest trends in saree?

To keep up with the latest saree trends, you can browse through the works of famous designers including Manish Malhotra, Sabya Sachi, Anita Dongre, Sandeep Khosla, Neeta Lulla, and other prominent brands. Also, you can also use the Pinterest app to quickly gather some unique, creative fashion ideas.

Which is the most famous silk?

India produces a variety of silk materials out of which mulberry silk happens to be the most popular pick. Other natural silks that are famous in India are Muga Silk, Tasar Silk, Kosa Silk, Banarasi Silk, Chanderi Silk and others.

Where Can I buy the Latest trending sarees?

Looking forward to buying the most trending yet affordable Saris to revamp your wardrobe? Well, you’ve come to the right place. At Ranas, you can explore a fashionable collection of Saris, bridal Lehenga, Gowns, Trousseau, Anarkalis and more. Ranas can offer you an exquisite collection of designer wear that is a pure blend of fashion and royalty.

We hope you liked our post comprising new saree trends of 2021? Which one is your favorite trend that you’re looking forward to trying this wedding season? Feel free to share your creative thoughts with our readers.

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