Green Ombre Dyed Designer Saree

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Green Ombre Dyed Designer Saree

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Green Ombre Dyed Designer Saree. Imagine a verdant masterpiece unfurling before your eyes: a pure georgette saree, its ethereal fabric flowing like a cascade of emerald waves. The ombre dye technique sweeps seamlessly from deep, lush greens at the hem to delicate, almost translucent hues nearer the pallu, creating a mesmerizing gradient that evokes the beauty of a lush forest at dawn.

But it’s not just the colors that captivate; it’s the intricate details that adorn this saree like jewels adorning a queen. Gota, hand embroidery, traces sinuous design across the border of the fabric. Kasab work, too, adds its own magic, weaving threads of gold into intricate design.
Each stitch, each shimmering thread, tells a story of craftsmanship and tradition, passed down through generations. It’s a symphony of artistry and elegance, a celebration of both the timeless beauty of the saree and the creative vision of those who crafted it.

Product Highlights for Green Ombre Dyed Designer Saree:

Fabric: Pure georgette and Pure crepe

Color: Green 4 shade ombre dye

Embroidery: Gota patti

Length of Saree: 5.5 meter

Ships in 4 weeks

Free Service: The saree is sent well finished with edge and back finishing. The saree is also roll pressed before it is sent. The saree has latkans/hangings for Pallu and Blouse.

Any Questions? You can message/whatsapp us at: 7023953082.

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