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Top 12 Best Online Saree Shopping Sites

Looking for the best online saree shopping sites to up your ethnic game? You’ve come to the right place.

Women have gone a long way in the pursuit of the most up-to-date fashion. Buying your favorite item of clothing used to take a lot of effort, requiring you to go from store to store, market to market, and even from city to city.

Remember?? How long did we women wait for our friends and family to return from their vacations and bring the much-desired Banarasi saree from Banaras, or a Bandhani odhani from Jaipur, or a Gujarati mirror-work lehenga? Waiting was a difficult effort, but the most upsetting part was when they brought your dress/saree and it did not meet your expectations, and now you can’t even return it. Yes!! This is a sadness that we have all experienced.

It would be a crime to discuss fashion without including sarees. Although, it’s been brought up before. Well, talking about saree, now, there is no need to ask someone else to get you a region-specific Banarasi, Bandhani, Kanjeevaram, or any saree. All you need to do is find the greatest pearls in an ocean full of them. And for that, we are here at your service.

12 Best Sites To Shop Saree Online In 2024

The following is a list of the best online saree shopping sites in 2023. Check these out and get the ideal saree of your dreams.

1. Rana’s Saree by Kshitija

It is a must-see for all ethnic enthusiasts. Rana’s by Kshitija is a women’s wear label that makes sarees and outfits out of 100 percent natural pure fabric. Their items feature hand embroidery, including Gota-Patti, Zardozi, Resham, Marodi, Danka, Dori, Sequins, Pearl, Salma, Sitara, and much more.

Let me tell you why it is the best saree website to buy sarees online. It provides you with an awesome option of customization. It has amazing ready-made saree collections available that are breathtaking, but what makes it on the top of the list is its customization feature. Rana’s by Kshitija is making it possible for us to turn our imagination into reality.

Do give it a chance ladies, to flaunt like a royal.

2. Bharatsthali

Bharatsthali means “to dwell in the tradition.” Bharatsthali, as the motto suggests, ties the fabric as well as ourselves to our culture. It is a website that will undoubtedly satisfy all of your requirements. If you are rich or shopping on a strict budget, they have a large assortment that will satisfy you all.

Don’t worry if you’re someone who likes things to be simple. The website offers a wide array of plain and simple linen sarees. As a result, it’s an e-store for everyone.

3. Meena Bazaar

Meena Bazaar is one of India’s most popular best online saree shopping sites where you can find everything that you’re looking for. Millions of clients use this website for ethnic apparel, particularly sarees. Their designs are inspired by traditional Indian ethnic clothing while also incorporating modern features.

To fulfill your specific expectations, this website offers sections such as “Bride-to-be,” “What’s new,” and so on. This site is a treasure trove of sarees offered at excellent discounts, so if you love deep discounts, you should check it out. For everyone there, it is a fantastic and well-known e-store.


One of the most remarkable saree websites is It allows you to have a more personalized buying experience on their website. It is a well-known store for ethnic and casual shopping across the world. One of the unusual features we spotted on this site is that they offer video calling as an option. You may schedule a video call with one of their professionals from anywhere in the world. They will carefully listen to you and present you with the finest outfit.

5. Craftsvilla

Craftsvilla sees it as its primary responsibility as an ethnic wear fashion destination to present the most up-to-date fashion while remaining true to the heritage and meeting the needs of its clients. As a result, when it comes to designer ethnic clothing for women, it offers a gratifying shopping experience. The best part about purchasing online with Craftsvilla is that their selections of fashionable but traditional Indian apparel are updated weekly with the latest designs.

6. Utsav Fashion

Utsav Fashion is a great website to shop for Indian ethnic sarees. They provide rich Indian creativity in the form of truly global fashion statements. This saree website will provide you with a genuine international online shopping experience, ensuring exceptional quality and workmanship across their collection, as well as quick and safe operations from purchase to delivery and beyond.

It is a one-stop shop for ethnic attire that is both authentic and fashionable.

7. Kalki Fashion

KALKI is a women’s clothing company that offers a unique assortment of wedding and couture gowns, as well as accessories, footwear, and jewelry, making it one of the most sought-after shopping destinations. There are over 1000 sarees to choose from. From classic silk to sparkling ones, classic to trendy, modest to diva, there’s something for everyone. They fulfill your wishes.

One fascinating aspect is that KALKI ensures that all of its designs are fresh, and as a result, they present you collections that are launched immediately before each season in their shops and online.

8. Peach Mode

This is the spot to go if you only want to get the most recent and greatest products available. Even if the collection isn’t as extensive as other online retail brands, the limited collection is a work of art in and of itself and a must-see. Their website’s core is their online saree selection.

Their sarees are exquisitely adorned and available in a variety of stylish designs. Casual sarees, party wear sarees, designer sarees, Bollywood sarees, embroidered sarees, and more are among the items in the collection.

9. Myntra

Look no further than Myntra for the most stylish, sassy, and up-town array of sarees with a contemporary twist. Myntra has a fantastic range of beautiful sarees. Get all glammed up with a gorgeous saree from Myntra at an affordable price. Myntra offers online shoppers a hassle-free shopping experience, and its 30-day return policy has earned them a positive reputation.

Myntra has grown in popularity by supplying high-quality clothes to its clients, having already established itself as the industry leader.

10. Amazon

In the realm of e-commerce, Amazon is a well-known brand. It contains just about everything you could possibly want. When it comes to sarees, you may find them here for any event, including parties, casual dinners, and business work. The website provides the best online saree purchase discounts in India. It is a budget-friendly store, even without discounts.

11. Flipkart

Flipkart presents the newest Bollywood celeb fashion with brand ambassadors like Ranbir and Alia. On this website, you’ll find a vast collection of sarees, along with the best discounts and deals.

The wide choice of casual and ethnic sarees on Flipkart is simply eye-catching. You can hardly wait to get your hands on one of these. It sells sarees from a variety of stylish brands in one location.

12. Limeroad

LimeRoad is a very cost-effective website. It has a lot of fantastic offers popping all the time. You can’t help yourself from purchasing something.

This website provides all types of sarees in style for you, from modern to ethnic to Bollywood. On this website, you will find the most fashionable designs and patterns. In my opinion, this site is better for casual wear sarees than ethnic sarees.


  • Which saree brand is the best?

The best brand of sarees is Manish Malhotra. Manish Malhotra has won many awards for his designs and his sarees are worn by many celebrities.

  • Which website is best for silk sarees?

The best website for silk saree purchasing is Ranas by Kshtija. Its silk sarees are certified by Silk Mark India, the government of India’s standard for ensuring the authenticity and purity of silk.

  • What is the most famous saree in the world?

The most famous saree in the world is the Banarasi saree from Vanaras, followed by the Kanjeevaram saree from Tamil Nadu.


Getting what you wanted was difficult back then. However, times have changed, as have trends and fashion, as well as the accessibility to them. We now have access to “the internet,” one of mankind’s greatest creations. The internet has given us so much, but the feature that we women appreciate the most is the ability to shop exactly what we want. That we have a plethora of choices right in front of our eyes. Access to our favorite clothes has never been easier.

Here were the 12 best online saree shopping sites that you can browse to up your style game. For an Indian lady, the saree is her most essential garment. Our devotion to the saree is everlasting. A saree is unparalleled in terms of its beauty and modesty. For the year 2023, we assisted you in finding some of India’s best saree websites. To select the ideal saree for you, we recommend that you look through all of these websites at least once, starting from the top and working your way along.

So, how long are you going to be waiting? Begin to shop!!