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11 Different Styles to Wear a Saree in 2024

Sarees are a staple of Indian women’s wardrobes. Every teenage girl dreams of wearing a saree on her school farewell, every newlywed buys a slew of sarees to dazzle, and every middle-aged lady retains a saree in her wardrobe as a must-have. Every woman, no matter her age, has a saree in her closet. The saree is the most visible symbol of an Indian woman’s beauty. It has a sensuous, Indianized look to it all the time.

While the stunning garment remains a must-have for all fashionistas, the styles and shapes of wearing a saree are always evolving. Although sarees have been around for millennia, they never go out of style. With time, sarees have evolved more than any other attire to preserve their place in everyone’s heart.

11 Different Ways To Wear A Saree

We’ve compiled a list of 11 different styles to drape a saree in 2024 to keep you and your saree updated so you’d be the gang’s fashionista. Let’s start exploring and learn how to wear saree in different styles.

1. The Long Pallu At Back And Pleats

The timeless classic look will be the first on our list. We’ve seen all of the ladies in our lives wearing this style, and it never goes out of fashion. That is, after all, the allure of a saree. We drape the saree in this way by hanging the pallu in pleats at the back from the front, as seen in the photo.

 2. The Falling Open Pallu

The falling open pallu is the second on the list. We women love it when our clothing hits the ground. The style depicted in the image is well suits this. Also, if you’re wondering how to wear a saree in a different style, the answer is to play around with the pallu.

 3. The Marathi Style Saree

The Marathi style is another beautiful option to consider when it comes to how to wear a saree in a different style. Your complete appearance is given a dramatic flair. To complete the appearance, simply add some gajra and Nath.

4. Experimental Blouse Saree

It is not necessary to try different styles of draping only. You can try experimental Blouses too. It gives a modern look to the classic garment. This is one of the most popular ways to wear a saree.

5. Saree That Looks Like A Lehenga

A saree can also be transformed into a lehenga. All you have to do is flaunt your waist to show your sassiness. You only need to draw a curve towards your waist with pallu, as shown in the image. It is a very nice way to drape a saree.

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6. A Cowl Saree

Cowl sarees are a contemporary take on traditional sarees. It’s a saree that’s been partially stitched. If you enjoy experimenting with traditional fitting, a cowl saree may be ideal for you to try out new saree styles.

7. The Gujarati Style

A saree with a pallu that drapes in from back to the front rather than back is known as a Gujarati saree. Bandhani or Leheriya designs blend beautifully with this draping approach. The outfit is ideal for a dandiya night.

 8. Saree With No Pallu Hanging Behind

It’s a one-of-a-kind way to drape a saree. The saree’s central component is the fall that you can see in the image. Use a solid-colored saree for this look. It will bring your younger self back to life.

9. Pants Style Saree Draping

It has an eye-catching appearance. There is no petticoat on this saree. Under the saree, a pair of trousers are worn to reveal half of the outfit like a saree and half as pants. In B’town, the look is gaining popularity.

 10. Saree With A Belt

This style isn’t the most recent, yet it’s still popular. The addition of a fancy belt to a plain saree elevates the entire ensemble.

11. Saree as a gown

Deepika Padukone is the inspiration for this style. The pallu is draped to the extreme left, and a full-length blouse is worn to highlight the proportions. This traditional Indian saree takes on a western gown-like look.

So, these were the 11 different saree draping styles. I hope these would give you unique and trendy look in saree.


How can I look stylish in a saree?

A saree is a stunning garment in and of itself. Simply select the drape that best suits your comfort. Choose soft materials in your favorite colors, and finish the ensemble with some accessories.

What hairstyle looks good with a saree?

Bun hairstyles go very well with sarees. This hairdo is also worn by several Bollywood celebrities to complete their saree appearance.

How can I hide my belly fat with a saree?

To hide belly fat, pin the pleats to the side of your saree pallu and the front side of the blouse to keep the pleats secure and in place. Pin the larger pleats to your shoulder as well.

Which type of saree will make me look slim?

Fabrics like georgette, chiffon, crepe, and silk can help you appear slimmer.

The blog above is a compilation of how to drape a saree, different ways to wear a saree, and things like that. We attempted to provide you with a variety of alternatives, spanning from traditional to modern. To be honest, saree draping does not stop there. A saree can be worn in a multitude of ways. How much you can experiment with is entirely up to you.

We’ll leave you with these wonderful picks for the time being.

More entries like this will be coming soon. Stay tuned!!